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What's New at Tubman

NorthStar Youth Outreach Center now open in Maplewood

Volunteers and Tubman staff officially opened the NorthStar Youth Outreach Center at Harriet Tubman Center East on Monday, June 6. On the afternoon of Sunday, June 12, an open house welcomed more than 60 people to see the center. 
According to a study conducted by Wilder Research, there are almost 10,000 homeless people in Minnesota, 35 percent of those people being youth. Because of the importance for young folks to have a place to go where they feel as though they are supported and loved, this space is specifically designed as one where young people without a home can feel safe and secure. 
The Social Justice Committee at the White Bear Unitarian Church joined forces with Tubman staff and other community volunteers to create this safe haven. Tamara Stark, Tubman's Director of Youth and Family Services, explained that it necessary that centers such as NorthStar exist within the suburbs, in addition to the city. 

"There was need in the suburbs that was going unnoticed," explained Stark. "A lot of homelessness goes unseen."      
In addition, NorthStar's location within Harriet Tubman Center East helps provide youth with access to a wider variety of services.
"We're unique in the way that shelter housing is attached if necessary. This way, we have a 24/7 infrastructure for safety planning and helping with immediate needs," said Stark. 
Tubman services allow young clients to know their rights in society, as well learn about where their personal interests lie and how they can use them in the future. 
"Teen years are very formative and people do not know the services that are available to them," explained Stark. "[NorthStar] gives them a chance to not only access these services, but also provides a space in which they can be creative."
The goal is that NorthStar will have a long-term impact on young people by giving them a space where they can feel safe and where they can prepare for their future.

NorthStar Youth Outreach Center is open 3-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information about NorthStar or how to donate or volunteer, visit Tubman's website or call 612.825.3333. 
 The new NorthStar Youth Outreach Center provides services and support to youth across our community.

Past News

Cities 97 Raises Over $530,000 For Local Charities
Minneapolis radio station Cities 97 announced this month that it sold more than 30,000 copies of the 27th annual Cities 97 Sampler benefit compilation album, and raised more than $530,000. The station will distribute that money to a select group of nonprofit organizations that serve Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Minnesota area—including Tubman.
The limited edition Cities 97 Sampler Volume 27 features performances recorded live in Studio C and is the longest running radio music or performance compilation for charity in the country. Over the last 27 years, Cities 97 has raised over $12 million to support local nonprofit organizations.
“Our listeners get excited when we release the newest Cities 97 Sampler,” said Jeff Tyler, Western Great Lakes Region President for iHeartMedia Minneapolis. “They not only love the music, they’re proud that the money goes to help a wide variety of nonprofits in their own community.”
Target stores in the Twin Cities area once again served as the exclusive retail outlets. The proceeds will be distributed to 71 area nonprofits, including Tubman.

Tubman's Holistic Abuse Prevention Program featured in national resource,

While most domestic violence organizations focus first, and mainly, on the survivors of abuse, many do offer something called batterer counseling with the hopes that future violence can be prevented by stressing abuser accountability and education.

Jennifer Polzin is the CEO of Tubman, Minnesota's largest domestic violence service agency. Based in the Twin Cities, it offers all types of family crisis and support services, including an 18-week therapy program for batterers, both male and female, who either have a prior history of abuse or who are nearing a point where they feel like they may become abusive, says Polzin. The program started in the '90s when Polzin says Tubman's board of directors started receiving more and more feedback from survivors who said they didn't necessarily want their relationship to end, they just wanted the violence to stop. "Many were asking for services for their abusive partner." Click here to read more.

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput's office and law enforcement form special major crimes initiative to end sex trafficking.

We're proud to partner with Washington County Attorney Pete Orput and his team, all of our partners in Washington County law enforcement and other systems serving youth. Thank you for your leadership on this issue by working to end demand, holding traffickers accountable, and helping young victims of sexual exploitation.

After a rigorous, in depth search, Jennifer J. Polzin, Tubman’s former Chief of Resource Development and Communications has been named Chief Executive Officer, effective July 1, 2015. She succeeds Beverly Dusso who has led the agency since 1989.

We celebrate Sharon Rice Vaughn, one of the original founders and co-executive directors of Tubman. It is impossible to believe this force in our lives and futures is gone.

No shoes like hers can be filled, except by those using the learnings she gave us all. Because of her, our journey to serve, to inform and to change our communities will become her living legacy. She was one of those with the courage to stand up with a few others to change lives, laws, cultures, communities and individual behaviors as well. All these memories, I believe are the gifts she gave us in order to, as Harriet Tubman’s motto said ‘….keep going.’ And, even in sorrow, we must now, sadly, without her.

A memorial is being held today (Thursday, April 2) from 11am-3pm at Unity Unitarian, 733 Portland Avenue in St. Paul.

The Needs of Our Communities

Check out this powerful video produced by our friends and supporters at hendlin! to learn more about the needs of our communities and how Tubman can help.